About Us


As one of the largest applicators of powder coatings in Southern California, IPC operates multiple metal preparation and powder coating production lines. Founded in 1983, IPC
has the experience, facilities, quality conscious people, and the powder coating professionalism to give your products the quality and service OUR mutual customers require.


The IPC 81,550 square foot plant includes automated large conveyor and mini-coater conveyor lines that produce consistent quality, efficient high production rates, and competitive pricing.

The heavy duty, double overhead I-Beam batch line is one of the largest in the United States, with a part size capability of 8 feet by 10 feet by 40 feet. IPC now has a 5 beam overhang batch line and a new special sample batch line. The batch line can process the customer’s sample needs. All of the powder coating lines at IPC utilize conveyorized, multiple stage power washers with final deionized water rinses to insure proper part cleaning and chemical pretreatment.


We stock over 300 powders including high, semi and flat gloss powders, and as well as wrinkles, textures, hammer tones, fluorescents, translucents, veins, special effects, clear and custom made powder coatings.

Order Entry, scheduling, and processing are accomplished with a custom computer network system. By automating order processing, tracking and cost analysis of all production at IPC; consistent service, fair pricing, and continual process improvement is guaranteed.

IPC is one of a select few powder coaters that qualify and are approved for military, aerospace, Underwriters Laboratories, CSA and potable water applications.


Quality assurance and inventory control departments insure product specifications are met and consistently adhered to because QUALITY and SERVICE is our goal and what we are committed to at INLAND POWDER COATING CORPORATIONIPC can also offer OUR customers special processing services such as removal of prior paint, coatings or contaminants by chemical, sandblast, or thermal stripping. The Off-line Packaging Department can handle special post coating procedures and custom packaging requirements. The Shipping and Receiving Department schedules a fleet of 24-foot and 48-foot trucks to quickly and safely transport our customer’s product.


IPC will also help with assisting customer conversion of wet paint systems to powder coating, as well as, customer in-house powder coating operating design, installation, start-up and employee training. We have successfully guided these projects with many of our best contract powder coating customers previously and view the process as a natural progression for two companies producing quality products and continuing to grow.

Give us a call today, and together, we can successfully service all
our mutual customers products finishing requirements for the many
years to come.

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